TEC-HRO RecurveTrainer - Beta Version
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TEC-HRO RecurveTrainer - Beta Version

The ideal training device for Lockdown and after:

Draw strength, holding power, strength endurance, technique...

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The TEC-HRO RecurveTrainer is an ideal training device for recurve bow. With this device, you can at home or anywhere else with your own bow under realistic conditions without damaging your bow.
It is mounted in a few minutes on your own bow and allows holding power and draw strength to train. Also technique training is possible - e.g. also in front of a mirror. The clicker that "loads itself" allows you to clicker training without having to drop the bow.
Because a lot of shots are possible in a short time, it is ideal for training the strength endurance.

Also in the beginner/youth training can be used if the focus is to be placed on the technique. It can also be attached to very weak arcs ("zero arc").
In addition, it is very possible to do a balancing training with the opposite side (i.e. a right-handed shooter to the left and vice versa) to prevent muscular imbalances.

Because many parts are made of carbon, the weight is reduced to the minimum. By reducing the weights on the stabilizers, a relatively realistic shooting can be recreated.

Since the TEC-HRO RecurveTrainer is equipped with Mantis X8 as well as with SCATT MX-W2 compatible, you can make your training at home even more interesting and effective. If you buy the Mantix X8 additionally, you will receive it in the combination package at a special price of 160 euro (instead of 179 euros) incl. MaTrac holder.

The "Beta-Version"* is available at a special price as long as the stock lasts (limited to 50 pieces!)

In the current version, the RecurveTrainer (as the name suggests) is not suitable for compound.

In the video you can see the assembly, the operation and the safety instructions:

Technical data:

  • Weight: 424g 
  • Total length: 92 cm
  • Extract length: up to approx. 32 inches
  • Draw weight: up to approx. 50 Lbs
  • incl. transport bag

*What does "beta version" mean?
This means that all functions are available and it has already been extensively tested under different constellations (different risers, different strong limbs, different extension lengths...).
However, since there are still so many things that have not been tested and the long-term tests are missing (e.B. several thousand shots), we would like to give you the opportunity to act as a "tester" here. We look forward to receiving feedback!
If, contrary to expectations, the TEC-HRO RecurveTrainer does not fit your bow or have any defects, we will of course exchange it or refund the money.

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