SCATT, Scatt MX-02

SCATT, Scatt MX-02

 Scatt MX02 (for Windows and MAC!) no longer needs a measuring frame!!

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SCATT MX-02 - is an electronic training device for shooting exercises with fixed targets.

Scatt devices display the hold history (target line) and hit on a screen.

You can shoot sharp ly dry.

SCATT MX-02 is also designed to be able to train indoors and outdoors in open shooting ranges.

Another outstanding feature of this model compared to all of SCATT's predecessors is:

There is no need for an electronic target - that is- no measuring frame, which means that you simply have the existing target such as .B paper disc or permanently installed electr. hit ads (e.g. .B. Meyton, SIUS, Disag...). There is no longer any need to fear that someone could damage an expensive hardware (Scatt receiver frame)!!

In addition... if you do not find the luxurious situation of electronic hit indicators in your club.B, you can simply take your Scatt MX02 with you into the club. Drive the paper disc forward, make a "calibration shot" and you have your own electronic hit display, which you can also take comfortably from the 10m to the 50m, 100m or 300m stand. At home you can then evaluate your training or continue to train with dry training from 2.5m away.


Supplied accessories:

SCATT MX-02 Optical Sensor - (model: MX-02), for attaching to a weapon via USB port to your PC. The sensor records with high precision all movements of the weapon during the target and at the moment of the shot (trigger release).
The sensor weighs only 36 grams with the mounting kit, and has no effect on the balance of your weapon.

The optical sensor is suitable for DAs Training at distances from 2.5 m to 1000m !!

The SCATT software (for MAC and Windows) allows automatic calibration of the sensor.  A bending of the weapon is automatically compensated!!

All-purpose assembly set for the optical sensor - including hexagon internal key, mounting prism, metal strap with screw for attaching the sensor to the barrel of different diameters.

USB A-Mini-B sensor interface cable to connect sensor to your computer - Length: 3m.

 Software  (for MAC and Windows!) has all the necessary functions for efficient training and comprehensive analysis of the results. The results are presented in digital and graphical forms and can be stored on hard drive for further analysis.


Here is a video on accuracy (comparing real shot and scatt software)



From now on there is a new software with preview (preview) mode for the new SCATT MX02. Since the sensor is nothing more than a camera, the PC shows what the camera "sees". 
This possibility helps enormously to adjust the sensor (if Scatt does not find the target immediately by itself). This new software can be found under "Downloads" at the top of this page!

Download the German description

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Es funktioniert wirklich zehr gut, Indoor und Outdoor. Ich benutze Pistole 9mm (SigSauer)
Revolver (9mm Luger) und Sturmgewehr (vz,58 ) mit. Interessant wurde dass nach der erste Verwendungen ist meine Leistung "gesunken" worden. Vielleicht ein Zufall . Jetzt ist alles wieder in Ordnung. Eine große ,unter anderen, Vorteile von MX-02 ist dass man gleichzeitig auch scharf schießen kann. Trotzdem dass MX02 nicht wirklich billig ist, 100 % Zufriedenheit.
PS. und auch zehr wichtig ist die tolle Kommunikation mit "Internetgeschäft" :-))
Ich gebe auch '*****' Sterne

nach dem ich nun wirklich lange gehadert habe, mir so eine teure Anschaffung zu machen, bin ich mittlerweile nur noch sauer darüber, dass ich es nicht schon früher gemacht habe (hätte ich mehr davon gehabt :-) )
Es ist wirklich einfach und schnell angeschlossen und endlich seh ich mal, was auf der Scheibe abgeht und wo Fehler sind.
Und... ich kann auch endlich zu Haus vernünftig trainieren wenn es im Schützenhaus mal wieder arschkalt ist :-)

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