IRIS glass holder

IRIS glass holder

no annoying glass-holder anymore on the head/face! 
cheapest solution instead of shooting glasses! 

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IRIS glass holder

This IRIS glass holder made of rubber allows you to attach a lens directly into the iris or a color filter.

This glass holder for shooters who have no astigmatism or for shooters who shoot without adjustable Iris on the diopter is suitable!

(with a curvature of the cornea, the lens has a marker. This must be always in the place, how's the optician - stated so for example above. (Would you turn the IRIS on the diopter - so the opening set - larger or smaller then would the glass with turn and the marking may no longer be at the site, as there had been before the optician!)

The lens is to the Assembly (maximum diameter of glass should not exceed 23 mm 22 mm are better) just with the buckle to the front in the IRIS and then with the rubber glass holder-fixed.


The use of glasses intent/tumbler holder is allowed for all DSB disciplines and in all classes from the sports year 2014! The glasses attachment is equated with the glasses! This was set in the new sports order.

Attention: after 2017 also ISSF authorised!



suitable for diopter of Anschütz, Walther, TESRO, Feinwerkbau, walking man, Hämmerli, Centra, MEC and TEC-HRO

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