TEC-HRO rapid       sight elevation

TEC-HRO rapid, sight-line increase

New The revolution in the sector of visor line increases !!

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TEC-HRO rapid - the new universal sight-line increase !!


TEC-HRO rapid is an unprecedented kind of sight-line elevation!

Short video

  • Height within seconds 
  • after first installation no more tools Required! (Protection at the Patent Office)
  • from 12mm (basic height) in 2.5mm steps up to 39.5mm can be increased by grid ! (Protection at the Patent Office)
  • A grid with scale shows the set height and is used for Reproduce for the respective discipline
  • Diopter and front-sight increase are according to the radiation set made in such a way that when adjusting (e.g. from standing to lying) the diopter does not have to be corrected or only hardly necessary!! (Protection at the Patent Office)
  • this means that the three-position shooter only needs  one diopter, one sight elevation and one front-sight-tunnel which also avoids the risk of confusion (especially in the final) and correctly saving money!
  • saves valuable time during conversions from one to the next discipline, which is of extreme importance, especially in the new three-position final mode - more time for sighting-shots to have!!
  • by always using the same sight-elevation, the shot-groups remains the same (only slight changes in the weight at the mouth, e.g. by replacing the visor increase, can worsen the shot image!!)
  • Total weight 120g (front-increase 50g, diopter increase 70g thus per part approx. 20g more than a "normal" sight increase)
All in all a product that saves time, money and space (because no 3 diopters, 3 sight-increases, 3 front-sight-tunnels... are necessary) but also saves unnecessary excitement and energy, which helps the shooter in the competition to further reserves !!
Here you will find a quick guide: 
When shooting for the first time, it is advisable to adjust the height to suit the prone position and to shoot the rear sight on it.
If you then choose a different height for kneeling or standing, this must be set to the same height on the front sight and on the rear sight. The scale on the side is used for orientation or for reproduction.
Attention: when adjusting, make sure that you slightly rock the prismatic plates back and forth while tightening the knurled screws so that the moving parts are correctly centered when the knurled screw is tightened. Otherwise it can happen that the shots do not “land” right away near the center.
Here, some tact may be required at the beginning.

A different tilt between the stops can also be the reason that the hits do not “land” near the center after changing the height.

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