TEC-HRO clear sight

TEC-HRO clear sight, ring grain

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Ring grain with outer ring (for TEC-HRO Clear-Sight)

Ring grain with outer ring (for TEC-HRO Clear-Sight)


TEC-HRO clear-sight

The completely new grain holder "TEC-HRO clear-sight" offers an unprecedented target image. The grain is not, as is usually the case, surrounded by a tunnel, but placed completely freely in the grain holder. The elimination of the tunnel enables a very beautiful and high-contrast target image.
Prototypes of this grain holder have already been successfully used at the Olympic Games. Now the product is ready for series production and can be ordered from us.

Please note that the grain holder can only be used with special grains. Conventional perforated grains do not fit on the grain holder.

A grain with beam is included! Available from 3.1 - 4.5 mm. Ring width 1.2 mm

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