TEC-HRO system Auflage 2.0

TEC-HRO system edition 2.0, relocation

3-D adjustable visor relocation for Pofi edition shooters

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"TEC-HRO system requirement" is not only a visor relocation, but also offers the possibility to outsource the visor sideways by 4 and 8 mm to the right or left, in order for the on-put shooter to keep the head hold as comfortable and stress-free as possible. To be able to design!!

The length of the relocation made of aluminium can be used up to a maximum of 120 mm behind the end of the prismeniene of the rifle. Total length of diopter increase = 170mm.

Furthermore, "TEC-HRO system edition" with the optional "Distance kit" (Separately to acquire !!) From 11mm to 2mm each to a total height of 31mm!!

The stainless steel distillation parts created from a piece ensure maximum stability in your "visor increase" thanks to the precise adjustments or screws.

With this visor relocation, the alarm cap no longer needs to compromise, but can optimally adapt the visor to its own needs in order to have the best conditions for maximum performance!

Note: The photo shows the relocation with distance pieces installed. This is for better understanding. Distance pieces, however, are not included in the price.

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perfekte Anpassung

habe mir die Rückverlagerung vor 2 Wochen gekauft und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Konnte die Höhe und Seite wunderbar an meine Kopfhaltung anpassen und hab nun keine Nackenschmerzen mehr beim Schießen und kann wunderbar entspannt durch das Diopter schauen.

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