TEC-HRO untergriff

TEC-HRO downhandle

"Untergriff LG +KK" for the support shooting

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"TEC-HRO downhandle" is a handle that is under the Small caliber or air rifle shaft is mounted.

Instead of placing the hand on top of the barrel or on the rifle scope when shooting, it is much more convenient to "hang" the hand safely and with a much better "pull" downwards, into the "under grip". Also, an accidental tipping away to the left (with right shooters) is excluded, which can happen with a hand position on top of the rifle. In addition, the fingers do not interfere with the target image.

"TEC-HRO downhandle" is mounted 35mm deeper than the shaft !

The "TEC-HRO untergriff KK" consists of aluminium. The surface is glass-perblasted and then black anodized.

The milled finger waves create a pleasant feeling and secure hold!

Weight: 105g

Suitable for all sports rifles with "UIT rail" (Feinwerkbau, Anschütz, Walther, Bleiker, TEC-HRO, Grünig & Elmiger, MEC...)

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Habe mein Luftgewehr mit HIlfe vom TEC-HRO untergriff und weiteren Auflage-produkten von TEC-HRO zu einem Auflage-Gewehr umgebaut .
Der Untergriff als Nachrüst-Teil ist eine weitere tolle Idee von TEC-HRO.
Service sowieso immer bestens!!

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