TEC-HRO Support Stool 2.0

TEC-HRO Support Stool 2.0

Support stool for sporty put-on shooting, weight only 3 kg

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The "TEC-HRO support stool 2.0" has been specially designed to meet the needs for sporty shooting while sitting.

When it was designed, it was important to us: Stability, adjustable height range and a seat rest that does not restrict blood flow into the legs due to the chosen "triangular shape".
The foot geometry ensures a safe stand and the rubber protective caps on the feet are anti-slip.

The recess in the seat support is used for easy transport with one hand. 

If necessary, the seat plate can be removed from the middle tube very quickly by loosening 2 screws to save space for transport. 

The height can be adjusted without tools from 50 - 73 cm and is secured with 2 quick release levers. 
A supplied "T-Nutenstein" serves as a limiter, so that you can always reproduce your desired height immediately.

The height adjustment can be a bit difficult at first due to the exact fit. If necessary, we recommend putting the stool on the "head", standing on the plate and then pulling the height comfortably into the desired position. Giving a little oil or grease to the friction points makes this easier.


Weight: only 3.0 kg !!

Foam rubber pad included, which you can also use as a seat pad (not glued to the seat plate)

tested up to 110 kg weight

Height 50 cm to 73 cm

Before delivery, the stools are tested by us for functionality - this may result in minimal traces of use.

Also note the maximum permitted height of the stool click here!

4 Kg
4.5 2



Ich habe den Hocker gewählt, weil er mir sehr belastbar erschien, obwohl er nur bis 100 kg Belastung getestet worden ist.
Inzwischen habe ich ihn mindestens an 15 Trainingstagen verwendet. Obwohl ich 120 kg wiege, hält das der Hocker aus. Was irgendwann mal defekt sein wird, ist die Kunststoffhülse zwischen Außen- und Innenrohr. Falls dieses Teil mal zerbröselt, werde ich einen Ersatz in Alu oder Stahl einsetzen, das müsste den Hocker unsterblich machen.


solide und stabil

nutze den TEC-HRO Auflagehocker nun seit 6 Monaten. Solide und stabil gebaut, ohne Schnörkel - zum Transport zwar etwas sperrig - aber hat ja einen Haltegriff. Bei mir übrigens auch als Klavierhocker im Einsatz.

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