TEC-HRO hand-stop ergonomic 600

TEC-HRO hand-stop ergonomic 600

New in 3-D adjustable hand-stop !

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TEC-HRO Ergonomic Hand Stop 600

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the TEC-HRO Ergonomic Hand Stop 600 revolutionises shooter comfort through its innovative ergonomic design.

The Hand Stop 600 fits the anatomical shape of your hand, making prone shooting much more comfortable than traditional hand-stops with a simple rounded profile.

In addition, the Hand Stop 600 is pivoted on a ball joint, allowing movement in all directions to reduce or even eliminate pressure pain. This increases your ability to concentrate, maximising your performance throughout a shoot.

The Hand Stop 600 swivel connector is attached to your sling and clicks easily into the hand-stop. This allows a quick and easy release from the rifle once shooting is complete.

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