Starik carbon-tube

Starik carbon tube

... Barrel bushing for a better shooting performance!

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"Starik carbon tube"a barrel bushing for sporting rifles is developed, by the longtime, int." successful Olympians, European champion and multiple World Cup winner from Israel, Guy Starik! 


- Improve the efficiency by regulating the vibration!


1. the carbon sleeve has a "tuner" to improve the performance through vibration regulation!

2. the sleeve including "tuner" weighs only 200 g

3. the clamping to the course is very short (25 mm) and directly at the mouth, what improves the accuracy.
4. the tube lengths were calculated in elaborate Testreiehen. There are 2 lengths of the sleeves: 19cm or 32cm.

For cleaning we recommend all 500-1000 shots with one Plastic brush brush out. The easiest way that goes when the powder is dry (not directly after the shooting -!) better before shooting 


Carbon pipes improve properties compared to steel / aluminium tubes several times:

  • lower weight
  • High rigidity
  • not susceptible to corrosion
  • almost no thermal expansion
  • excellent vibration damping


Original comment by Guy Starik on the 15.08.2014:

I'm honored to see my tube on your website. I put a lot of thought experience, and actual testing in it some of the best shooters in the world are already using the carbon tube, and I'm sure many more will benefit the qualities of it. The tube will improve the groups of any rifle on the market, add length for better sight picture, and weights only 200gr, making it easy to handle specially on the standing position. If anyone have any questions regarding the carbon tube, I will be glad to answer.
How to use:

Here is my tuning method:
In order to "positive compensation" tune slow bullet for which means that and almost bullet will hit the target on the same vertical point of impact, the shooter should tune his rifle in that order:
Take 2 lots of ammo of the with speed same year but difference of 30-40fps. (1040fps and 1080fps).
Shoot from a solid rest, which the rifle can recoil back, or from position, if you are high level shooter.
Normally, the faster lot wants to hit target about 6-8 mm higher than the slower lot. You will need someone to help you turning the tuner while you are in shooting position.
Start with the tuner all the way back (closer to the muzzle), and shoot 3 shots from the slower change to the faster lot and shoot 3 shots. If both lots hit the target in the same vertical line, the rifle is tuned. If not, turn the tuner one full revolution (360 degrees), and repeat the 3 shots from each lot.
When you are close to get the rifle tuned, use smaller turns of the tuner. The rifle is tuned, when you can switch between the lots without any vertical difference of poi on the target.
You can 't get positive compensation from a fixed test bench which doesn' t recoil!
There is a good chance your rifle will be tuned from the beginning because of the pre tuning I do by calculating the tube length to your rifle barrel length.
Have fun!

German translation:

I feel honored to see my barrel bushing on your site. I have invested a lot of thoughts, experiences and test series in this product. Some of the best shooters in the world already use this carbon sleeve (by the way, including Olympic champion Rajmond Debevec and Matthew Emmons) and I'm sure many more will benefit from the quality. The pipe will improve the shot pictures of every gun on the market, also the length contributes to the better view and weighs only about 200gr. This makes it easy to use - even in the standing. If anyone has any questions about the carbon tube, I am to answer this.


Here is my approach:

The optimal harmony of vibrations "positive balance" means that both slow and fast ammo at your destination on the same vertical height should take.

The shooter should proceed as follows:

Take 2 different kinds of ammunition of the same year, but difference in speed of 30-40fps. (1040fps and 1080fps).

Shoot from a test machine, allowing the rifle spring back (no rigid test machine!) or the shoulder if you are a shot of a very high standard.

Usually the fast ammo around will take 6-8 mm higher than the slower ammunition.

Start towards the muzzle, with the tuning weight as far as possible and shoot 3 shots from the slower series. Now the fast and shoot 3 shots. If both lots in hit the target in the same vertical line, the rifle is adjusted. If not, turn the tuner one full revolution (360 degrees), and repeat the 3 shots from each batch.

If you get near that match the shot images in the height, you make minor twists to the tuner. The rifle is matched, if not vertical difference can be seen between the two types of munitions.

You can get no positive compensation from a fixed rig (a clamping device), which may not spring back!

The chances are high that your rifle due to my calculations (pipe length in relation to thickness of the barrel and barrel length) shoots better from the outset.

Have fun!


The most common running diameter are stocked with us - otherwise, there can be up to 4 weeks delivery (production, shipping, customs...)


Attention: Your running diameter not in the selection should be finding you can also send us an email with barrel diameter and barrel length - we will then guide the production in the way! Return is excluded!

Barrel length is measured as follows: Castle close, then push a cleaning rod from the front up to the Castle, mark on the barrel's muzzle and measure (for example, 660 mm) 

2.20 Kg
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Länge läuft...

Habe die lange Tube auf meinem Walther KK500. Wenn man die Visierlänge voll ausnutzt sollte besser ein M22 Korntunnel montiert sein.
Ich hab es gleich gemacht, weil mir der M18 zu klein für ein 8,4 Lochkorn mit 0,5 Adlerauge erschien. Danach hatte ich ein unglaublich angenehmes Zielbild. Den Tuner habe ich noch nie verwendet, ich habe nicht die Möglichkeit diesen zu testen. Eh egal, sehe jetzt super und treffe besser. Liegend allermeistens über 584R.

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