TEC-HRO extender

TEC-HRO extender visor extension

598 rings KK lying World Cup Ft Benning USA with TEC-HRO extender !! 

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 TEC-HRO extender is a new type of sight extension for the free rifle.

With "TEC-HRO extender" the sighting line can be extended by up to 12 cm, which allows more accurate aiming!!

Another advantage of this visor extension is that it can be used with the "Distance AIt" (to be purchased separately) can be extended in height and you can also move the sights laterally by 4 or 8 mm to the right or left !!

Of course, it is also possible to mount "TEC-HRO extender" on a barrel sleeve (e.g. FWB KK 2600 series...) The delivery takes place with the corresponding diopter elevation, without grain tunnel.

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