Starik carbon tube-air, air rifle tuning

Barrel sleeve/barrel extension with Scatt rail for air rifles

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Starik Carbon tube-airmade by TEC-HRO

is a novel, made of carbon barrel sleeve / barrel extension for sports air rifles.

The well-known and proven for years Starik-Carbon-tube are now also available for air rifles. 
In cooperation with world record holder Guy Starik, we have jointly developed a new type of running sleeve, which has the following properties:

-Extension of the sighting line up to the maximum permissible total system length of 850mm
-simple clamp attachment with only one screw (leaves no quirks on the barrel!!)
-infinitely variable of the sighting line by 10cm long dovetail bar for the grain tunnel
-allows individual weight and balance variation due to very light construction
-can have a positive effect on the shot pattern (depending on length and weight setting)

Here is a result of a customer after assembly and variation of the weight (1 ring more at 10 shots)

-with Scatt dovetail bar for attaching a Scatt device
-incl. 1 balance weight
-attractive design

With more and more int. top shooters, the tendency in freehand shooting is to be seen that the muzzle is held rather slightly and the weights are rather attached backwards - over the center of gravity of the body.
Therefore, this offers Air rifle tube the possibility to find the individual balance of your rifle from 58 g.

As more and more sport shooters also use Scatt devices for their training, the attached Scatt dovetail bar is used for faster and easier attachment of the Scatt sensor.

TEC-HRO tube-air can be attached to barrels with an outer diameter of 19.5 - 20.0 mm (please check before ordering!)

Scope of delivery:

1x barrel sleeve
1x running weight
1x visor elevation 4 mm to compensate for height (required for diopters / grain tunnels)

Further barrel weights can be found here

Total length: 140 mm
Weight without steel weight: approx. 58 g
Weight of a barrel weight: approx. 30 g

Hint: the carbon tubes are not polished from the inside and thus have traces caused by the removal of the "mandrel during production". 

Tests have shown, however, that this has no effect on the shooting performance, because in contrast to the KK barrel, there are no powder residues. accumulate and for a change in diameter... worry.
Thus, this operation was saved in order not to make the product more expensive.

Presentation Video

Assembly video

1 kg

Ich habe die Tube für mein Walther LG 400 angeschafft. Sie ist 42g leichter als die Orginale Tube von Walther. (beides ohne Gewichte)
Die Tube lies sich sehr leicht montieren und ausrichten.
Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, man kann nun beim Walther auch mal auf die gesamte erlaubte Systemlänge vom 85cm ausnutzen. (Original Tube 83,5cm)
Ich hatte selten ein Produkt mit dem ich auf anhieb zurecht kam.

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