TEC-HRO fanatic, aluminium rifle-stock

The new aluminium rifle-stock of top-class! 

Be faster than your opponent!

Now also suitable for the new Walther KK 500 ...!

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Aluminium rifle-stock for smallbore-rifles

The naming of "fanatic" stands for the absolute passion and desire for the shooting sports!

  • Looking for training
  • Looking for competition
  • Looking for more precision
  • Looking for maximum results
  • Looking for successes and victories

"TEC-HRO fanatic", we reach through an innovative rubber coating of the adapter in our engaged for the first time advantages against stocks without an adapter. The reason lies in the resulting double damping. Even by the system to the adapter and the adapter to the rifle-stock - because the rubber cover above and below the adapter unfolds its effect (protection at the Patent Office). Another positive side effect is that screws in with rubber threads can not unwanted loosen (screw lock). 

 Benefits of the rifle-stock "TEC-HRO fanatic": 

  •          Removable without tools Buttstock (extreme time advantage in the three position final)
  •          one rifle-stock suitable for almost all systems (Anschütz, Walther, Feinwerkbau, Bleiker...)
  •          Double damping of vibrations in the shot by new, protected by the Patent Office adapter system
  •          Excellent price / performance ratio

The engaged the full, high-strength aluminum machined "TEC-HRO fanatic" excels in highest quality - made in Germany!

The massive engaged middle section in combination of special aluminum alloy used provides for a high absorption when shooting arising Vibrations.

Vibration properties when shot were in the development taken into account and positively influenced by certain metal alloys and thicknesses at key points!  

Because we designed this stock that can be operated with different small-bore- systems (Feinwerkbau, Walther, Bleiker, Anschütz...) is, we work with different stock adapter

The adapter is screwed first to the system - then completely into the stock. A new special rubber lining of this inlays we achieved a "double dumping" (from the system to the adapter and the adapter to the stock). Thus, we have achieved an advantage over "normal rifle-stocks" for the first time through the use of adapters!
System and screws must be tightened to 4 Nm. 

All components of the stock (in the case of black stock) are with a special "hard"-finish anodized coating (not with normal anodized to compare!) and therefore extremely scratch-resistant!

The beech wood handle is adjustable in the longitudinal direction infinitely and swivelled to the side and comes in size M. If you need a different size of grip - so please tell us (S and L are available).

The cheek piece made from Carbon (new since March 2019!) is adjustable in 5 dimensions (right-left, up-down, fore-back, swing sideways as well as swing in the longitudinal direction) and achieved thus the anatomically best head position for the shooter. 

It can be also adjusted far to the rear, to allow a comfortable head position also for bench-rest-shooting!

By a new, protected by the Patent Office closure system can be removed and changed if necessary in a few seconds the buttstock with cheek piece and butt plate, with only one hand and without any tools! see video

This is a big time-advantage in the 3-position-final in which are only 7 minutes for changing the position between the kneeling - and prone, as well as by the prone to the standing position only 9 minutes time for reconstruction including test firings! (ISSF-rules)
But also the shooting times outside of finals were very shortened so that you you have a big advantage using the rifle-stok "TEC-HRO fanatic"!

In addition also the cheekpiece-height and the stock-length are adjustable without tools!

The lock between the front - and back-stock is simple and at the same time awesome solved and ensures absolutely repeatable installation!

This rifle stock is of course also ideal for benchrest shooting suitable. Accessories can be ordered optionally.

There are also many old smallbore-systems from the 60s and 70s in circulation, which have an excellent shooting performance - but because of outdated stocks no longer be used. Here, the TEC-HRO fanatic rifle-stock offers an excellent way to take good shooting systems in use.

Yet many of these very good shooting systems like E.g. Anschütz model 54 (18.. systems) are located in club stocks.

The same stock can be supplied by means of adapters currently for 7 different systems!
This means that you must obtain only an additional adapter for little money from a may be system changes (for example, by Anschütz on Walther).

In delivery including:

rifle-stock incl. plate for mounting a butt-plate, system adapter for a selected system (E.g. Anschütz 19.. system)

(Butt plate, handlebar, bipod and other add-on components are not in the price with included!)


Currently available for systems by:

  • Anschütz 14, 18, 19, or 20-serie 
  • Anschütz model 54.30 = 18 and 19serie
  • Feinwerkbau model 2600
  • Grünig & Elmiger small-bore
  • Walther KK 200/300 
  • Walther KK 500 new!
  • More if necessary upon request!

Weight without btt-plate and without hand-rest: 2.2 kg

8 kg


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