NEW: SCATT basic
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New: SCATT basic

 New: Scatt basic

Compatible with Windows (W7!) and MAC!

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New: SCATT basic

Caution: following you will find the latest software update, stand Dec 04 2017

for Windows
for MAC OS

With the new "Scatt basic" was a low-cost alternative to the big brother "Scatt MX02"created. 

Therefore, a destination path Analyzer now also for the individual shooter is affordable and can enhance the training or the performance of the shooter with the help of the finishing line representation. 

The main difference is that "Scatt basic" mainly on the "basics" - namely representation of the target path + results display has been reduced. 

The usage is possible already from 2, 5 m (E.g. Trockentrainig) up to 50 m (suitable also for the sharp shot!). 


The special feature of this system is the possibility to exercise either in dry or fire mode with real ammunition.

SCATT basic is also so designed, that both inside as outside can be trained in open shooting ranges.

Another outstanding feature of this model compared older models is: is needed as the model MX02 no electronic goal - say - no measuring frame, which means that just the existing target such as E.g. paper disc or fixed installed Electr. Results display (E.g. Meyton, SIUS, Disag...) use. Must then also no longer feared that someone might damage an expensive hardware (Scatt-receiver frame)!

Also... you should find not the luxurious situation by electronic displays of results E.g. in your club, can you just take your Scatt basic in the Club. The paper disc, go forward, make a "calibration shot" and you will have your own electronic display of results.


Supplied accessories:

SCATT basic optical sensor, to be fitted on a weapon using the USB port on your PC. The sensor registers with high precision all movements of the weapon while the target and at the moment of the shot (trigger release).
The sensor weighs only 30 grams with the mounting kit, and has little influence on the balance of your weapon.

The optical sensor is suitable for das Training on distances from 2.5 m to 50m

The SCATT software enables the automatic calibration of the sensor.  Tilting the weapon is automatically compensated.

All-purpose mounting set

General purpose Assembly Kit for the optical sensor - including Allen key, mounting Prism, metal strap with screw to secure the sensor on the running of different diameter.

USB A-mini B cable

USB A-mini B-sensor-interface cable to connect the sensor to your computer - length: 3m.


Software: Windows (from Windows 7 and newer!) and MAC!

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