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Sauer shooting shoe "Perfect TOP"

The new Sauer shoe "perfect top" with individual color design!!

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The new SAUER shooting shoe "PERFECT TOP"

You decide what your new shooting shoe looks like.


The new shooting sports shoe PERFECT TOP has retained all the good features of its predecessor (perfect-style).

In addition, it has new design features that will have an additional positive effect on its users.

Visibly new is the two-tone (black and natural white) and above all the extensive color selection for laces and Velcro fasteners.

Many different colors are available. So each shooter can adapt the shoes to his rest of the outfit.

The most important innovation of the PERFECT TOP is certainly the integrated tongue solution.

The tongue is firmly attached to the shoe body on one side. On the opposite side, it runs loosely to far above the back of the foot.

In combination with its lush padding, it creates an extremely firm stand in the shoe.

The second major innovation is the lacing extended by one unit. In combination with the new tongue solution, this supports the improved solid

Stand in the shoe additionally.

The improved footbed of the PERFECT TOP meets sports orthopaedic requirements.

Like its predecessor, it has an inwardly curved PTU sole for an optimal contact surface and thus the best stability.

The circumferential rubber trim acts as a stabilizer and prevents the shoe from expanding.

Of course, the PERFEKT TOP meets the current requirements of the ISSF in all areas.

Click here for the Sauer Sizes  Please pay attention to the new size chart - the shoes are very large compared to the previous model !!

Material: 100% cowhide

Inner lining: Spacer knitted fabrics

Sole: TPU

Color: Black/natural white

Sizes: 36 – 48

3 kg

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