original Meyton rubber attachment discs

original Meyton rubber attachment discs

In the long run, it is inexpensive compared to paper slices!!

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Disc images made of special foil:

The targets/disc images made of special film have the following advantages:

  • Size e.B. of LG through-through only 3mm. This means that only 45% of the actual ball size is "shot out" compared to paper!
  • Shot holes do not interfere with the shooter when aiming compared to conventional discs or only hardly!
  • The film can be used in training mode until the mirror is frayed!
  • No dust generation and therefore no pollution!
  • No fringes us snippets in the measuring room - so no measurement errors!!
  • Long shelf life!

 The price always refers to 25 pieces (one packing unit) !!

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