TEC-HRO SpineAligner

TEC-HRO SpineAligner

Get better groupings for your arrows with TEC-HRO SpineAligner!

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Why do I need the SpineAligner?
Maybe you never thought about it, but each arrow has a stronger and a weaker side. And if you shoot arrows which are not aligned to its stronger or weaker side, you will see that these will group worse than if you align them. Many archers try to get better alignment and grouping by turning their nocks. Thanks to the SpineAligner you can easily test and precisely mark a full set of arrows within minutes!

How does it work?
Instead of a nock and a point, you have to install points on both ends of the arrow, without gluing the one on the nock end*. After this insert the arrow in the SpineAligner using the little notches designed for it. Adapt the height of the SpineAligner to the length of the arrow and fix it. After this push gently on the top of the upper arm of the SpineAligner and you will see… the arrow bends! And it will always bend to its weaker side! Now take a waterproof pencil and mark the arrow on the side it is bending. Install nock and vanes so, that the line looks towards the Plunger (Recurve) respectively towards the launcher (Compound). Already fletched arrows can also be controlled, but then limited to the fletching by 120°.

*If you use PIN-nocks please only remove the nock. You can use the SpineAligner with the PIN instead of a second point.

Here you get the instructions.

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