SQ10 -6 months for rent - only possible in Germany

SQ10 -6 months for rent - only possible in Germany

The interactive electronic target of SportQuantum
incl. screen or tablet!

Tax included Shipping excluded approx. 2-3 weeks
 Delivery time approx. 2-3 weeks

Here you can rent an SQ10 system for 6 months for 500€!!

At the time of purchase, the rent will be charged against the purchase price!! When ordering, you will first receive a rental agreement, which must be signed.

We can only offer this offer within Germany!!

SportQuantum SQ10 is an interactive electronic target for sharp shooting for air rifle or air pistol (max. 7.5 joules) from 3 m - up to 14 m!

Are you looking for an electronic hit display for your home? With which you can shoot/train sharply (up to 7.5 joules - i.e. e.B. air rifle/air pistol but also softair) from 3m?
Then you've come to the right place !!

SportQuantum SQ10 is the future in air rifle/pistol sport!!

Allows real shooting/training (e.B. also at home) from 3 m distance with air rifle/air pistol with max. 7.5 joules!!  The minimum pulse for the system to register a hit is 2 joules.

You shoot at a screen equipped with a slanted polycarbonate disc and transports the balls down into the ball trap. 

The polycarbonate disc is connected to sensors and detects shots to an astonishing 125 microns!!
The disc can easily withstand 10,000 shots or more before it should be changed. The change is child's play and can be made by yourself. A new Polycarbonate disc costs only 39€. 

The installation is easy:

You connect the system to the power plug and then via Wi-Fi to the supplied 8-inch tablet (10-inch available for 140€ surcharge) and can start immediately! 
The system sends its own Wi-Fi signal and connects to the supplied tablet!!

So you don't need to install your own Wi-Fi for this!!

Easy to use, real shooting with diabolos, real-time display, wireless!!

On the tablet, select the image (gun or pistol as well as e.B. target or shooting games - such as falling apples...), which should then be displayed at the front of the target and control your training simply with a tap of your finger.

Specify the distance to the disk so that the target is displayed in the appropriate size and off you go!

featuree of the target:

• Interactive target with a transparent polycarbonate surface and a high-light screen (1600 Lux)

• For rifles and pistols up to 7.5 joules

• Distance simulation for training at home (you can train e.B. from only 3 m - the disc is reduced accordingly)

• Cost-effective and easy-to-replace protective plate (polycarbonate) for a long service life

• integrated ball catch

• Data exchange wirelessly via integrated Wi-Fi

Sport Quantum has developed a unique technology that allows you to use a target for all types of shooting:

• With the Target SQ10 you can practice with an extensive library of training targets with different increasing levels of difficulty and thus improve your technical skills in a targeted manner.

• A range of playful activities to complement training with fun (moving targets, various games), which is a lot of fun, especially in the youth field

• Air rifle and air pistol according to ISSF or support shooting according to DSB

• Display on the supplied tablet 

• The possibility to control the shooting conditions how to choose lighting, color and style of the target or to simulate distances at home (from 3 meters). Everything with real Diabolos!

• An easy-to-install and easy-to-use target for private use

By the way... if you have shut down the system and want to shoot again .B the next day, you don't have to run forward and unplug and plug the plug in - but you just drop a shot on the system and it turns on automatically after a few seconds !!  :-)

more information also here
and here

scope of delivery:

  • SportQuantum SQ10 system incl. ball catch and 1 polycarbonate disc
  • Mounting rail with screws for mounting on the wall
  • An 8-inch tablet (which can of course also be used for other purposes!! - Android operating system, size = 20 x 12 cm)
  • Power plug for 220 volt socket
  • operating instructions
  • 1 can of silicone oil
    (it is recommended to rub the polycarbonate disc with this silicone oil before first use and then from time to time. Thus, the life of the disc can be extended once more. By the way, you can also turn the disc 180° and fire from the other side to extend the service life once more!!)
62 cm
60 cm
53 cm
15 Kg

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