Autosuggestion Competitive Rifle Part 2/4
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Autosuggestion Competitive Rifle Part 2/4

Autosuggestion-Training competitive sport rifle

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Autosuggestion Training Competitive Rifle         here-free-download part 1/4 to see if you like the speaker...

this audio file was created by TEC-HRO as part of a World Cup preparation and as a mental training session firmly integrated into the training plan. 

The aim of this training is to completely eliminate the fear of competition and to retrieve the best possible, learned shooting technique in the competition. This audio file is only available in German !!

The autosuggestion is divided into 4 parts - part 1 is the introduction to relaxation

Part 2 provides deep relaxation to be receptive to the following autosuggestion

Part 3 forms the main part of the autosuggestion and is directly tuned to the competitive sport of shooting rifles.

Part 4 controlled wake-up after autosuggestion. Part 4 is only required if you do not want to sleep after Part 1, 2 or 3. Otherwise, you can simply fall asleep after part 3. 

Attention: this audio file must not be listened to while driving or working.
You should create a quiet environment and hear the audio file while lying or sitting

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