Laser shooting

Shooting with light point lasers is growing more and more. The reasons for this are obvious. 
First of all, no gun ownership card or age restriction is required. 
In addition, no one can be injured with these laser classes, as the radiance of the lasers is very low (laser class 1).

Another advantage for laser shooting is the environmental compatibility with lead bullets.
In addition, there is no noise pollution, so that laser shooting is no problem even in your own 4 walls (e.B. in rented apartments and neighbors). Thus, you can train very professionally at home!!

The German Shooting Federation has already included shooting with laser sports rifles/pistols in their discipline catalogue, so that children from the age of 8 can now be used and trained in sporting shooting for later Olympic disciplines. 
Initially, this laser discipline was only introduced up to the age of 12. 
It can be speculated whether shooting with light point may one day also be introduced as a new discipline for sport shooting for adults.