Fap cap/hook cap for professionals!
The TEC-HRO fusion butt-plate has been specially optimized and developed to meet the needs of the 3.oisutuin combat. Years of experience from int. Competitions, World Cups, European Championships and World Championships have created this shaft cap.

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Thus, the "fusion" is the first hook cap, which allows the "wings" to be perfectly adjusted to the shoulder through ball joints in each direction. In addition, it is the first shaft cap that also allows to adjust the depth of the radius by adjusting the midsection accordingly!!
The hook with 2 double joints (fasted!) leaves nothing to be desired in the adjustment. Thus, even for the first time, a parallel outsourcing of the hook from the middle is possible-which prevents, for example, unwanted "leveling" when lowering the arm in the standing stroke!
Shortly after the apparition, an Olympic victory was achieved in Beijing. 
In the meantime, understandably, there are some copycat products that are not only "complicated," but also significantly more expensive-sometimes even the risk of not being able to be discontinued in accordance with the rules of the sport.

Shaft cap, hook cap, shoulder support