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Anyone looking for a comfortable and functional tripod is, should the models from the range of TEC-HRO once just look at. Professional athletes, semi-professional shooters, Olympic winner and shooting clubs have opted for the high-quality products from the online shop. Be ordered, can the desired tripod and other accessories for shooters comfortably from the local computer.


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The TEC-HRO tripod in principle has the same characteristics as the previous tripod 2.1 3.0 carbon. However, there is a difference, because the tubes of this tripod are made of carbon. The key features of the product include

  • the low weight of only approx. 1,2 kg
  • the elegant design
  • Tubes made of high-quality carbon
  • ALU-feet with slits to the further weight saving
  • identical as tripod 2.1
  • uncomplicated handling
Already many shooters have opted for the high quality of the tripod carbon and are very happy with it.

tripod TEC-HRO 3.0 carbon - details and properties

This tripod is now even easier than its predecessor. The ammunition store and the foot mid-section manufactured from CNC milled and light-weight plastic and aluminium so that is characterized by a low weight of around 1.2 kg the tripod. When it is folded up, the tripod occupies little space, with a length of 65 cm and kept a diameter of only 8 cm. it is in the tripod bag, which also belongs to the scope of delivery. It is therefore very easy and fast to or remove. Tool is not necessary. Also convinced the tripod with a good stand. In developing this version, value aware of was put on the high functionality and dispenses with all the frills and additional details. The 2004 and 2005 developed foot geometry including folding mechanism was already minimized at version 2.0 so that there is more space in the shooting case since that time. But at this tripod 3.0 which was designed foot midsection and its shelves again 20 percent lighter. 

Additional information on the TEC-HRO tripod 3.0 carbon

A tripod will provide especially for the relief of the spine, as well as for the quieter end of the shooting. Therefore, it belongs to the most important equipment for marksmen. The tripod is intended only as a support, because the sport rules indicates that the shooter must place at least one hand on the sport-equipment. Due to the selected geometry of the foot, it is possible to position the tripod directly to the parapet of the shooting range area, to save to such an important place. The storage for the sport-equipment is laterally attached to the tube, causing less movement at the drop of the sport-equipment are necessary. The ammunition storage for the tripod 3.0 is suitable for all types of Diabolo round cans, 2 KK cartridge boxes, individually-wrapped China and JSB pellets, 100-shot-shaking box and many more. The holes that are in the ammunition storage, allow the use of tools, for example an Allen key or similar. After the tubes are pushed together, the tripod can be used immediately to the Kniendschießen. The tubes out of carbon fiber glass composite including quick-release lever that are especially lightweight and very durable belong to the other benefits of the tripod. Your pleasant side effect is that they always warm feel contrary to for example aluminum tripods. This tripod was developed in the Black Forest and inspires every sport shooters with its high quality and best functionality. The positive properties of the tripod with the excellent price-performance ratio are completed.

More tripods for Benchrest sports range from TEC-HRO

The tripod TEC-HRO is one of the currently most widely used tripods. At this edition tripod is striking above all the stability by the appropriate foot geometry as well as the angle connectors is possible. High stability and hence a quiet sport-equipment is achieved by the Sturdy aluminum parts. The 80 cm-high tripod is also continuously adjustable in height.

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