Die TEC-HRO GmbH & Co. KG

The company TEC-HRO shooting equipment GmbH & Co. KG

Technik of Häßler and Rothmund


TEC-HRO was founded in 2004 by Christoph Häßler and Armin Rothmund, international target shooters for Germany with a passion for technical innovation.


Based in the South West German region of Baden Württemberg, the founders goal is to advance sporting achievements in sports shooting at all levels, through technical innovation, applying their experience, enthusiasm and attention to detail.


TEC-HRO has grown to be a world-renowned brand in the shooting arena and top positions are regularly achieved with TEC-HRO equipment in international competitions. And the journey doesn't stop here - keep your eyes on this site to see more new developments.

Your TEC-HRO team
Armin Rothmund and Christoph Häßler



Achievements of Armin Rothmund:

2013: 2nd place Bundesliga Luftgewehr (Team Brigachtal) -after that end of the active shooting career

2012: 2nd place German Championship Air Rifle Single (593 rings)

2011: 1st place German Championship KK 3x40 (1172 rings)

2010: 5th place World Cup Fort Benning USA KK lying (598 rings)

2010: 4th place World Cup fiinale Munich KK lying (597 rings)

2008: 1st place German Championship KK 3x20 

2008: 1st place IWK Berlin KK 3x40 (1172 rings)

2007: 1st place Grand Prix Pilsen CZ KK lying (597 rings)

2007: 2nd place European Championship Granada ESP, KK 3x40 (Team)

2006: 1st place German Championship KK 3x20, (586 rings)

more int. Placements


1st Bundesliga, 13 years national team since 1999

1999 Training C-Trainer for Sport General (Sportschule of the Bundeswehr in Warendorf)
2000 Training B-Trainer for Sports Shooting (National Performance Center For Sports Shooting in Pforzheim)

Since 2013 to date: Assistant Coach LLZ Baden-Württemberg


Personal bests: 

Air Rifle: 599 Rings

KK lying: 598 rings

KK 3x40: 1181 rings


Achievements of Christoph Häßler:

Bow (from 2009):
from 2017: 1st Bundesliga Recurvebogen

2015: 9th place German Championship Recurve WA 70m

Rifle (active until 2010):
2017: 3rd place German Police Championship KK Liegend

2011: 2nd place German Police Championship KK3x40

2007: 1st place German Championship KK 3x20

                 7th place European Police Championship LG

10 years 1st Bundesliga

Multiple German champion with the team KK3x20

Target Sprint (from 2014):
2014: 13th place ISSF Target Sprint Munich

2015: 12th place ISSF Target Sprint Munich
         18th place German Championship Singles / 15th Place Mixed Team

2016: 13th place ISSF Target Sprint Munich

Archery (from 2016)
2016: 2nd place DM archery Standard Recurve

Since 2004: Sports trainer C Breitensport


Personal bests:

Air Rifle: 599 Rings

KK lying: 596 rings

KK 3x40: 1154 rings

KK 3x20: 587 rings

Recurve 70m: 641 rings

Recurve 18m: 582 rings

Target Sprint: 5:56 min (3 shooting errors)

Archery: 22:26 min (2 shooting errors)