Butt plate / hook Cap

Order high-quality butt at TEC-HRO 

Anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality Butt plate finds at TEC-HRO different designs which perfectly meet the desired requirements. The range includes also many other articles for sport shooters and semi-professional shooters. Even Olympic shopping at TEC-HRO.

Buttplate TEC-HRO fusion - unsurpassed setting variety

This cap is second to None because of the variety of settings, as there are individual, ergonomic and anatomical adaptation possibilities. Butt plate and shoulder almost merging. The focus is on simple adjustment was already in the development. As a result, it is very straightforward to make the CAP a few desire. The caps is supplied including mounting screws, so that it can be attached to the rifle using a suitable Allen key. Suitable boom tubes in different brackets are also available in the shop. This butt is suitable for shafts of different manufacturers, for example Bleiker, Grünig & Elmiger, MEC, Walther, TESRO, Anschütz, Feinwerkbau and of course TEC-HRO. The advantages of this butt include not only the 3D adjustable contact surfaces for the shoulder, but also the narrow and very short construction, which creates the individual length of the shaft. The innovative hook design with two double joints ensures excellent anatomical adjustment. In addition, the hooks are on the side parallel outsourced. This optimum customization possibilities by preventing unwanted off Hebelungen. The middle section is adjustable, which results in a better adaptation to the radius of the shoulder. So they are suitable for narrow and strong shoulders.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • all screws can be operated from one side
  • optimal fixation due to non-slip rubber
  • attractive design
  • Sturdy lightweight construction
  • easy to use
  • also for large caliber
  • Lightweight ergonomic adjustability
Note also the new ISSF rule that applies for 2013. This States that it is no longer allowed to use butt for free rifles with a deeper RADIUS than 25 mm. Avoid of some of the manufacturers or older models it may be possible, to make deeper radii, which can lead to disqualification. This model of TEC-HRO that cannot happen, since the lowest setting is 25 mm.

More butt from the range - TEC-HRO standard

At the Butt plate TEC-HRO standard is new models, which are especially suitable for standard or air rifles and convince with many setting options, which enable optimal Benchrest shooting. This butt plate has been developed together with top shooters, which various innovations were possible, for example, that the shoulder contact surfaces can be placed independently or their inclination is adjustable. They are also anatomically perfectly customizable. By the non-slip rubber, they can be fixed as best as possible. In addition, you can operate all screws only from one side. The customizable stock length is achieved by the narrow and short construction. The middle section is adjustable and allows a better adaptation to the shoulder RADIUS so that suitable Cap both narrow and strong shoulders. The high quality and attractive design round off the features of the CAP. Due to the many setting possibilities and the individual anatomical adaptation option is an unsurpassed product. Mounting screws for attachment to the rifle are already included. The butt plate is suitable for all stocks the brand Grünig & Elmiger Bleiker, MEC, TESRO, Walther, Anschütz, Feinwerkbau, TEC-HRO. The online shop also provides the appropriate adapters for the butt plate and other articles that can be used together with butt plate and gun.
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