TEC-HRO fusion, butt-plate

TEC-HRO fusion, butt-plate

Olympic victory with Buttplate/hook Cap "TEC-HRO fusion"!

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The butt plate / hook Cap "TEC-HRO fusion"

Advantages and innovations: 

  • 3D adjustable shoulder contact surfaces with ball joints 
  • very short, narrow design, this modern. customizable stock length 
  • Novel, hook design with 2 double joints this best possible anatomical adaptation possibilities 
  • Parallel side pageable hook - this allows better customization options in all attacks - such as avoiding unwanted off levers when lowering of the right arm in the bib... 
  • Longitudinally adjustable middle part for optimal adaptation to the shoulder RADIUS - for delicate or strong shoulders equally suitable 
  • best non-slip rubber fixation
  • all screws from one side can be operated 
  • High quality production 
  • Appealing design 
  • Very stable lightweight - also for large caliber suitable
  • ergonomically and anatomically perfectly to adapt
  • IMPORTANT: it is very easy to use / to set!
  • best price / performance ratio


The cap of hooks "TEC-HRO fusion" is second to none in the diversity of the setting or the individual, anatomical / ergonomic adaptation ability and allows, as the name already says "fusion", quasi blend in your shoulder with the butt plate. 

Design, much emphasis was placed on the simplicity of the settings. Therefore, it is absolutely simple, perfectly adjust the "fusion" with only a few simple steps!

"Who is right" - already only 3 months after launch 3 medals were won the 2009 at the European Championships in Osijek - (gold + silver KK 3 x 40 and gold with a new world record in the 3 x 40 big calibre). Now already Olympic medals that were won - including GOLD at the Dresitellungskampf of women in Beijing, and many more!

Scope of delivery incl. mounting screws for attachment to your rifle as well as the corresponding Allen key (without Boom poles -they can be purchased and is available in different diameters!).

Suitable for shafts by: TEC-HRO, Feinwerkbau (FWB), Anschütz, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Grünig & Elmiger, baldhead...

You can view more photos here see.


Attention new ISSF-rule starting in 2013:

It is now no longer allowed that a Buttplate for the free rifle has a deeper RADIUS 25 mm - measured by the top cap (hooked). Some manufacturers or even older models of butt, it is possible, however, to set a lower RADIUS - what can lead to disqualification!
When "TEC-HRO fusion" the lowest possible set-up is exactly 25mm! 

Cap of hooks, hook Cap hook butt, butt, shoulder brace, small-bore rifle, 

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