TEC-HRO stand X, rifle tripod

Rifle tripod TEC-HRO stand X

Rifle tripod "TEC-HRO stand X" !!

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The new rifle tripod "TEC-HRO stand X" is here!

With the new tripod "TEC-HRO stand X" we have an inexpensive alternative to our bestseller "TEC-HRO Tripod 3.0 Carbon==References==


  • The coated aluminium tubes are simply pulled out to the desired height and do not need to be clamped/screwed! (patented)
  • The tripod effortlessly holds 20 kg without the pipes sinking into each other!!
  • To push it back together, only a push of a button is required, which releases the locking of the pipes
  • The newly developed ammunition tray can be mounted at any height of the tripod (on thick and thin tubes)!
  • In addition, the supplied ammunition tray can be swivelled and mounted in the longitudinal as well as in the transverse direction!
  • Height adjustable from 76.5 cm to 164cm
  • Delivery incl. bag - only 65cm long
  • requires little space in the shooting luggage
  • Weight 1.55 kg
  • quick to assemble or disassemble
2.50 kg

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