Shooting sling, TEC-HRO sling-kids

Shooting sling, TEC-HRO sling-kids

Shooting slings for kids !

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TEC-HRO hand-stop

TEC-HRO hand-stop


children's shooting sling "TEC-HRO sling-kids"


  • only single, instead of the usual double strap guide between arm and handstop --> thus much easier to twist the strap from arm to rifle
  • No annoying buckle in the elbow joint/forearm area
  • is made of flexible, tensile hybrid fabric

It is usually a big problem with conventional shooting slings to get children neatly into the sling stops. These are usually made of thick, inflexible material and the length adjustment buckle sits in an awkward place and presses into the kid's forearm. 
Shooting slings from the adult sector are often used, as the market offers hardly anything for children.

With the "TEC-HRO sling-kids" these problems are eliminated and it is also a pleasure for the trainers to be able to work sensibly.

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