TEC-HRO touch point

TEC-HRO touch point

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The TEC-HRO Touch Point match trigger shares the revolutionary innovative design of the TEC-HRO Touch match trigger. No other trigger has this level of customisation, with 5-way adjustability. Shooters of all skill levels recognise the advantages this provides for matching the trigger position to their precise individual requirements.This includes adjusting the trigger position sideways by up to 15mm on either side, allowing shooters to put the trigger exactly where their finger naturally lies. Proven success for the Touch Point match trigger design came in the Beijing 3 x 40 final, with 3 of the 8 finalists using the trigger and 1 winning a medal.

The special feature of the Touch Point match trigger (compared to the Touch match trigger) is the small surface area of the finger pad. This provides shooters with a consistent point of connection with the trigger, which some shooters prefer to a conventional trigger blade.

The finger pad shares the surface profile of the Touch trigger with pyramid points of contact, rated as the best by >90% of our test shooters. Overall the Touch Point match trigger provides great feedback to the shooter, even in low temperature conditions.

With a universal clamp, the Touch Point match trigger fits a wide range of sporting firearms, including rifles and pistols (air and cartridge) from Feinwerkabu, Anschütz, Walther, Steyr, Hämmerli, Bleiker and Grünig & Elmiger. Contact us for information about other makes.

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DAS nenn ich mal Kundendienst, Service und Flexibilität am Kunden und am Produkt, sei es auch noch so „klein“!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Möchte mich hiermit nochmals SEHR HERZLICH bedanken für Ihre sofortige Hilfe und den kostenlosen Ersatz!!!

meine Frau und ich sind beide von dem Abzug vollauf begeistert! Er vermittelt das
perfekte Fingerspitzengefühl!
Einfach toll gemacht!

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