TEC-HRO stabilizer

TEC-HRO stabilizer

System stabilization during the shot !!

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TEC-HRO system stabilizer

  • Strengthens the system in the area of the loading trough 
  • can thus improve the shooting performance 
  • The visor line is increased by 15mm 
  • incl. corresponding grain increase
  • can be outsourced by 4 or 8mm on the side!
  • Length 154 mm

additionally available: Distance kit consisting of 20 x 4 spacer pieces to make the increase variable in 2mm increments from 15 to 31 mm height.

By the way, it turned out that most reclining shooters cope better with an increase in the vization than without it. The reason for this is that the target eye does not have to be "locked up" as much by raising the head and thus less fatigued. 

The argument that the neck has to be stretched over in most cases has not come true - in most cases the position has become even more ergonomic than before! 




Visor increase, visor line increase, visor increase, visor line increase suitable for contactor, Walther, FWB, precision construction, lead ker... brake

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