TEC-HRO lift 2.0

"TEC-HRO lift 2.0" fore-end elevation

 ... for better fit of your sport rifle!

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"TEC-HRO lift 2.0" is height-adjustable forend raiser block, which is tilting in their second generation also in longitudinal direction infinitely!

These additional Pan option allows in the disciplines of the belt to align the forearm to the course of your forearm. Thus the wrist needs, unnecessarily bent which is often associated with pain, and thus worse results!


 You have the possibility to make the forearm of your sporting rifle in height, so that the lever ratios (forearm, shank, belt drive) can be best matched with "TEC-HRO lift 2.0"!   Except for a different length of the belt or hand stop position "TEC-HRO lift 2.0" in a further dimension can be worked with. It has been shown that slight changes of the height in the belt, can have positive effects on the performance of the shooting.

Also different glass heights on different shooting ranges can be adjusted easily, without having to change the sensitive geometry (ratio Schaftkappenhöhe/cheek piece/length)!  

Short arms (E.g. also in the junior area) are often a dilemma when it comes to work out a reasonable stop in the disciplines of the belt. Here a few millimeters of other fore can perform true miracles!  

Through an attached scale, it's easy to try different settings and to access recorded height settings.  

Set in the lowest possible amount, "TEC-HRO lift 2.0" is just 8 mm height and can continuously be driven up to a height of 75 mm.

Thus is "TEC-HRO lift 2.0" as hand support for the purpose perfectly suited!

Weight 340 g


The multiple usability and simple handling as well as a very good price - performance ratio make "TEC-HRO lift 2.0" a genius "helper" in the three positions!  

Here you can see the "lift" in use (prototype one int.) Competition) VIDEO

Suitable for shafts by: Feinwerkbau (FWB), Anschütz, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Grünig & Elmiger, Zarchi

1 kg

My son uses this in kneeling on his .22 and is very pleased with it. It is solid and well made, yet very light. Highly recommended.

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