TEC-HRO blaster  tube

TEC-HRO tube edition

... Running sleeve especially for support and recuming shooters!

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"TEC-HRO tube edition" is a relatively heavy running sleeve for small calibre rifles – especially for support shooters. The weight of 310g (incl. a "tuning ring") makes the weapon very calm due to the inertia and ensures that the mouth hardly "jumps" when shot.

Of course, it can also be used for "freehand shooters". Especially good recumtable shooters know about the advantages of a running sleeve.

The "tube" extends the run by 185mm. This length has turned out to be very favorable in terms of shooting performance. 

The advantage of a longer visor line favors the accuracy according to the radiation set additionally! .

The adapter for attaching to the barrel has an inner ring, which has to be aligned once, in order to ensure the exact assembly again and again quickly.

Furthermore, the "TEC-HRO tube-support" has a "tuning ring" which can be moved tool-free in 14 different positions in the longitudinal direction by means of spring-pressure pieces. The displacement of this ring causes the running vibration to change during the shot – which in turn affects the shot image.

Attention: if your running diameter is not to be found in the selection, we also produce special dimensions within approx. 1 week (surcharge 30,- €, return excluded). Just send us an e-mail to info@tec-hro.de. 

Included in the price a tuning ring, color of your choice.

More "tuning rings" (each 20g weight) can be found Here

 Instruction manual

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