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SCATT MX-W2 WI-FI, wireless

Scatt MX-W2 completely wireless!

Scatt suitable for

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SCATT devices show you on a screen the target progress of your shot as well as the hit.
Both sharp and dry can be trained.

The world's first Completely wireless target path analysis device! Connecting the sensor to your computer or tablet via WI-FI is now possible! (Now also with Android smartphones and iphone in the app-store/ play-store!!)

So you don't even need to "carry" a computer for training - and almost everyone has the smartphone with them these days anyway.

Operating time of the SCATT MX-W2

The operating time of a fully charged sensor is min. 3 hours.

Using the SCATT MX-W2

The SCATT MX-W2 is an electronic training device for Shooting exercises with fixed goals.

to the video

SCATT can be used indoors and outdoors

SCATT MX-W2 has been designed to train both indoors and outdoors in open shooting ranges.

Another outstanding feature of this model is

There is no need for an electronic target - i.e. - no measuring frame, which means that you simply use the existing target such as e.B paper disc or permanently installed electr. Use hit indicators (e.B. Meyton, SIUS, Disag...).
It is then no longer necessary to fear that someone could damage an expensive hardware (Scatt receiver frame)!

In addition... if, for example.B in your club, you do not have the find luxurious situation of electronic hit displays, you can choose your Scatt MX-W2 just take it with you to the club. Move the paper disc forward, make a "calibration shot" and you have your own "electronic hit display", which you can also comfortably take with you from the 10m to the 50m, 100m or 300m stand. At home, you can then evaluate your training or continue training with dry training from a distance of 2.5m.

Supplied accessories

  • SCATT MX-W2 Optical Sensor for attachment to a weapon. The sensor registers with high precision all movements of the weapon during the target and at the moment of the shot (trigger release).
  • The sensor weighs only 56 grams with the mounting kit, and thus has little influence on the balance of your weapon.
  • The optical sensor is suitable for dace Training at distances from 2.5 m to 1000m!
  • The SCATT software (Windows, MAC, i-phone and Android via app) allows automatic calibration of the sensor.  Tilting the weapon is automatically compensated!!
  • General Purpose Mounting Kit for the optical sensor - including hexagon socket key, mounting prism, metal band with screw for attaching the sensor to the barrel of the different diameters.
  • USB A-Mini-B sensor interface cable for charging the battery
  • Software  (for Windows, MAC, Android) has all the necessary functions for efficient training and comprehensive analysis of the results. The results are presented in digital and graphical forms and can be stored on hard disk for further analysis.

* Attention, the device is not waterproof and must not be used in the rain. 

1 kg
Data sheet
drinnen & draußen
Entfernung zum Ziel
von 2,5m bis 1000m
Optischer Sensortyp
Abmessungen des optischen Sensors
34 x 35 x 60 mm
Gewicht des optischen Sensors
56 g

Wow - that's finally the product on what I hoped for years, that it will happen soon. I'm really looking forward to the delivery !!

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