TEC-HRO box for pistol training

New: mikroelektronisches training device for the simulation of time disciplines with the gun!

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This pistol training box is a device to all disciplines, time with the gun, 1 without ammunition, faithfully to train 2nd home, 3 in each room.
The 'box' alongside or above the dry training blade is placed on training. The LED traffic lights with electronic discs simulate of red and green. ORANGE, the announcement simulates attention 3-2-1 start.

By dry-firing the eye reacts with this device to a light stimulus as is also the case with the most modern facilities.

Following disciplines are pre-set and can be selected by means of the push-button:
1 pistol
2. OSP 8 seconds
3. OSP 6 seconds
4. OSP 4 seconds
5. first shot training 1.5 seconds
6 standard gun 20 seconds
7 standard pistol 10 seconds

Dimensions: 50x38x16mm (Lxwxd)

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