SCATT Dry Training Light Box/Paper Holder LBF

SCATT Dry Training Light Box/Paper Holder LBF

SCATT Dry Training Light Box

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This is a dry training box with integrated lighting.

A previously printed target in simulation size (e.g. you want to simulate 50m on 3m) can be plugged into a designated guide in A4 size.

Installation on the wall or on a photo tripod possible

Power supply via a 220Volt socket

Compatible for Scatt MX-W2, Scatt MX-02 and Scatt basic

How to practice at a reduced distance:

To practice at a distance lower than the original, the shooter must set a scaled paper target for the
print the actual distance. In this case, the angular size of the scaled target should be the size of the
target at the actual distance, i.e. the visually scaled target should be so
what it would look like at the original distance.

1. Original destination at the original distance
2 - 4th Scaled target in reduced distance


A scaled paper target can be printed directly from the SCATT software, with the distance to the target the distance
from the lens of the optical sensor to the place where the paper target is to be placed. 
For a more convenient perception of the target from a short distance, we recommend that you set a paper target without the
valuation rings.

During the training at a short distance to the target, the parallax problem between the visor line of the weapon and the
axis of the optical sensor often to an actual problem. To compensate for the parallax, you can
a special 
Bracket with the possibility of changing the orientation angle. The most important point,
to which you should pay attention is that during the target to the target, the target point of the optical sensor in the middle
of the sensor calibration window of the SCATT software optical sensor.

  1. Gun race
  2. SCATT optical sensor
  3. Visor axis of the weapon
  4. Axis of the optical SCATT sensor
  5. Goal
  6. Mounting prism with parallax compensation option


The SCATT software calculates the angular fluctuations of the target point depending on the simulated distance
automatically new.

2 kg

Ein Super Geniales Teil.
Es spart viel Zeit und Nerven beim Kalibrieren.
Ich kann es nur empfehlen, da auch Super einfach zu montieren.

ist echt eine gute Sache mit dem neuen Lichtkasten - früher hab ich mir immer was and die Wand geklebt und dann einen Baustrahler drauf gereichtet um genug Licht für das Scatt zu bekommen.
Jetzt einfach Lichtkasten anschalten und los gehts. Super Erleichterung!

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