TEC-HRO fanatic, aluminium - rifle-stock

Professional small calibre rifle-stock suitable for Walther, Anschütz, Feinwerkbau...

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Fanatic Aluminium Small-Bore Rifle Stock

We have named this rifle stock Fanatic to reflect our absolute passion for shooting sports and your desire to train, compete, increase precision and attain the highest possible results.

The TEC-HRO Fanatic rifle-stock is manufactured in Germany from high strength aluminium, to the highest standards of workmanship.

The Fanatic stock has a massive midsection using a special aluminium alloy to ensure excellent vibration absorption. All components have a special hard-anodized layer that is smooth and extremely scratch and impact resistant.

The Fanatic stock weights 2.2kg (without butt-plate and other attachments) and features our new anti-shock technology, with a special rubber lined inlay that is screwed both to the rifle system and to the Fanatic stock, tightened by hand to a torque of 4Nm. This technology provides double-damping for the rifle system and a more stable shooting platform compared to traditional single-damped connection.

The handgrip is adjustable longitudinally and can also be tilted for precise positioning. The cheek piece is adjustable in 5 directions (pan right-left, up-down, front-back, right-left, and longitudinal swing) to allow you to find your best possible anatomic head position. The cheek piece has a special plastic-coating to make it smooth and warm to the touch.

A further major innovation is the TEC-HRO patented locking system that enables the rear part of the Fanatic stock to be removed as one piece in just a few seconds, using only one hand and without tools. This is achieved with a frictional locking system that is simple to use and maintains settings when the rear part of the stock is reunited with the remainder. This feature is a real benefit for shooters who prefer to use a smaller carry case and for 3-positional shooters who need to rapidly change to a different rear part as they move between positions.

The TEC-HRO Fanatic small-bore rifle stock is a must-have for all shooters seeking to maximise the accuracy and convenience of their shooting.

The Fanatic stock is available with adapters for all these shooting systems:

-Anschütz model 14xx, 18xx, 19xx, 20xx 
-The new Anschütz model 54.30
-Feinwerkabu 2600 - 2700 (just with new trigger like photo): 


-Walther KK300
-Walther KK500
-H.P. SIGG (max. 6 BR) = Adapter Anschütz 19..

If you have another system you wish to connect to the Fanatic stock, contact us and we will advise you of possible solutions.

It is possible to purchase additional adapters so that one stock can be used with multiple systems.

Click here to watch a video of the Fanatic rifle stock in production

What is included with each Fanatic rifle stock purchase:

-Butt-plate adapter (to enable connection of a compatible butt-plate)
-1 adapter for the selected system
-Note: butt-plate, palm-rest, bipod and other attachments are not included in the rifle-stock package

5 kg

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